Sunagor 10-20×25 Image Stabilising Zoom Monocular Reviews


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Sunagor 10-20x25 Image Stabilising Zoom Monocular

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If you’re looking for top recommended a Monoculars Sunagor, then Sunagor 10-20×25 Image Stabilising Zoom Monocular is our suggestion. Many good reviews already proving the quality of this product. And also you are going to satisfy with the reasonable cost in case you compare with the other similar item which is on the internet. If you wish to know further of this products, just read its main features below. ( Check Price Now )

Product is very good!

  • Incorporating the latest image stabilising gyroscope technology
  • High power 10-20x zoom magnification
  • Highest quality multi-coated optics and BAK-4 prisms.
  • Weighs just 350 grams for increased portability
  • Made in Japan to the highest quality standards

Incorporating the very latest Japanese technology, this new high quality powerful zoom monocular from Sunagor can be used without the usual problem of hand-shake. Anyone who has ever used high power binoculars, or monoculars, will already know that the higher the magnification, the more of a problem your natural hand trembling becomes. Previously, the only real solution was to use a tripod, which is of course inconvenient to carry around and set up. Now, with this new Image Stabilising Zoom Monocular, tripods are a thing of the past! Quick and simple to use, this product has a collapsible eye-cup (for use with or without spectacles), a rotatable focus ring and a rotatable zoom ring. To use the Image Stabilisation feature, there is an on/off switch and a small green LED light will remind you if the feature is switched on. Sunagor have produced a video which you can watch that illustrates just how effective the Image Stabilisation feature is.;Normally, if you were to set the magnification to anywhere near 20 times power, it would be almost impossible to see the finer details of your subject without either using a tripod or leaning against something to steady yourself. But with this new product, just flick the switch to “on” and like magic, the “wobbling” is eradicated and you can see whatever it is you are trying to look at in precise detail. The monocular Image Stabilisation feature is powered by two long-life CR2 batteries (included) and the feature can be switched on whenever it is needed. As with all Sunagor optical products, the monocular features highest quality multi-coated optics and this model also has BAK-4 prisms so you can be sure of getting a beautifully crisp, clear image, as well as a steady one! The specification of 10-20×25 makes this monocular extremely versatile and perfect for most viewing situations. 10 times power is ideal for general purpose viewing, but then, by rotating the zoom ring, the magnification power can be

Title: Sunagor 10-20×25 Image Stabilising Zoom Monocular
Category: Monoculars
Brand: Sunagor

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